MC: Message Compiler Sample

The Message Compiler (MC) tool takes a message definition script as input, and writes out a binary message table. It can be useful for obtaining a more complete understanding of message tables.

There is an additional sample distributed with the Win32 SDK CD that demonstrates how an application can make use of message tables. It may be found in the following directory: Q_A\SAMPLES\MSGTABLE.

Building SDK Samples

This sample uses the following keywords:

charnext; charprev; chartooem; convertapptooem; exit; fclose; feof; fflush; fgets; field_offset; fopen; fprintf; free; ftell; fwrite; iscsym; iscsymf; isdigit; makelangid; malloc; mcaddname; mcblockmessages; mcchartointeger; mccloseinputfile; mccloseoutputfiles; mcfindname; mcflushcomments; mcgetchar; mcgetline; mcgettoken; mcinitlexer; mcinputerror; mcmakestring; mcopeninputfile; mcparsefile; mcparsemessagedefinition; mcparsemessagetext; mcparsename; mcparsenamelist; mcprintusage; mcskipline; mcskipwhitespace; mcungetchar; mcungettoken; mcwritebinaryfiles; memcpy; primarylangid; setfileapistooem; sprintf; strcat; strcmp; strcpy; stricmp; strnicmp; sublangid; switch