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Commands for debugging can be found on the Build menu, the Debug menu, the View menu, and the Edit menu.

The Build menu contains a command called Start Debug, which contains a subset of the commands on the full Debug menu. These commands start the debugging process (Go, StepInto, Run To Cursor and Attach to Process). The Debug menu appears in the menu bar while the debugger is running (even if it is stopped at a breakpoint). From the Debug menu, you can control program execution and access the QuickWatch window. When the debugger is not running, the Debug menu is replaced by the Build menu.

The View menu contains commands that display the various debugger windows, such as the Variables window and the Call Stack window.

From the Edit menu, you can access the Breakpoints dialog box, from which you can insert, remove, enable, or disable breakpoints.

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Debug options on the Build/Debug menu.

Debugger Windows

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Set breakpoints

Viewing, removing, enabling, and disabling breakpoints.