Linker Tools Error LNK1104

cannot open file "filename"

The tool could not open the given file.


One of the following may be a cause:

  • There was not enough disk space.

  • The file does not exist.

  • The filename or its path was incorrectly specified.

  • The specified drive is invalid.

  • The file does not have the appropriate permissions.

  • The path for filename expands to more than 260 characters.

  • If the given file is named LNKn, which is a filename generated by the linker for a temporary file, then the directory specified in the TMP environment variable may not exist, or more than one directory is specified for the TMP environment variable. (Only one directory path should be specified for the TMP environment variable.)

  • If the error occurs on the executable filename, an earlier version of the executable may still be running. You will need to terminate the executable before linking it. In Windows NT or Windows 95 you can use the utility PVIEW to look for and kill instances of the application. PVIEW.EXE is shipped with Visual C++.

  • If the error message occurs for a library name, and you recently ported the .MAK file from a previous Microsoft Visual C++ development system, the library may no longer be valid. Ensure that the library still exists in this circumstance.