Adding User-Interface Features

Visual C++

After creating a starter project, usually with AppWizard, many developers like to "hook up" the user interface next. This involves designing and creating dialog boxes, menus, toolbars, accelerators, and other visual and interactive elements, then connecting them to code. This book covers a wide range of user-interface topics.
Overviews   Short introductions to the concepts important in adding user-interface features to your program
How Do I   Explanations of the tasks to perform as you add user-interface features
Frequently Asked Questions   Focused questions that other Visual C++ users are asking too
Details   Longer conceptual articles about the subjects you need at this stage
What else do you want to do?
See what user-interface features MFC supports.
Learn how to use ClassWizard.
Learn how to use the effectively.
Learn how to create .

Interesting home pages
   The entire Visual C++ product -- and your gateway to all of the documentation
Adding program functionality   Home page for adding code "under the hood" -- the code that makes your program unique
Compiling and Linking   Building your program so you can test it
Debugging   Debugging your program