Visual InterDev

This portion of the documentation provides you with the core background and "how to" information for Microsoft® Visual InterDev™. You will find information in this section for each of the key feature areas of Visual InterDev: creating and designing Web applications, accessing database information from your Web pages, and editing and scripting Web pages. Each section contains a combination of related conceptual, procedural, and sample topics covering a given subject area.

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Web project architecture, project development, source control, and security Creating Web Projects
Web site design, navigation bars, and themes and layouts Designing Sites
Data architecture, viewing and modifying data, accessing databases, and managing database projects Integrating Databases
The Visual InterDev programming model, debugging client and server script, and adding objects to your pages Editing and Scripting
Remote debugging, deploying Web applications, and using Microsoft® FrontPage® with Visual InterDev Web projects Building Integrated Solutions
Terms and definitions used in the documentation Visual InterDev Glossary
Site Designer and Link View Glossary