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Visual C++

Debugging Your Program

You have created your application and resolved the build errors. Now it's time to find and correct those logic errors that keep your application or stored procedures from running correctly. You can do this with the development environments integrated debugging functions.

This debugging section explains solutions to common problems in 32-bit programming. Youll learn how to stop at procedure locations, inspect memory and register values, change variables, observe message traffic, and get a close look at how your code works -- or doesnt! What do you want to do?
Learn how to prepare a program for debugging.

Learn how to use the .

Learn how to debug specific types of applications.

Read about special debugging techniques, problems, and solutions.

Debug an SQL stored procedure.

   Home for the entire Visual C++ product and gateway to all the documentation.
Compiling and Linking   Information about building your program so you can test it.
Adding User Interface Features   Look here to create user interface elements -- dialog boxes, toolbars, and much more.
Adding Program Functionality   Tips for writing the code that implements what your program does.