Opening PView


To start PView

  1. Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar and highlight Programs.

  2. On the resulting Programs submenu, highlight Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

  3. Next, highlight Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Tools then click Process Viewer.  PView opens by displaying the main Process Viewer Application dialog box.

The following buttons control PView actions.

Button Description
Exit Closes PView.
MemoryDetails Opens the MemoryDetails dialog box.
KillProcess Removes the highlighted process from the system. This is different from choosing Close from the System menu, because the process is not informed of the shutdown (with WM_DESTROY) before it is stopped.
Refresh Updates information in the ProcessViewer dialog box and the MemoryDetails dialog box.
Connect Displays information about the computer specified in the Computer text box. The Computer text box should contain the network name of the computer you wish to view. Your ability to connect to a remote system may be affected by security on the target machine.

The ProcessViewer Application dialog box displays information on active processes and threads. You can select, modify, and view the behavior of processes and threads using PView features.

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