C Run-Time Error R6002

floating-point support not loaded

The program needs the floating-point library, but the library was not linked to the program.

One of the following may have occurred:

  • The program was compiled or linked with an option (such as /FPi87) that required a coprocessor, but the program was run on a machine that did not have a coprocessor installed.

  • A format string for a printf or scanf function contained a floating-point format specification, and the program did not contain any floating-point values or variables.

  • The compiler minimizes a program's size by loading floating-point support only when necessary. The compiler cannot detect floating-point format specifications in format strings, so it does not load the necessary floating-point routines.

  • Use a floating-point argument to correspond to the floating-point format specification, or perform a floating-point assignment elsewhere in the program. This causes floating-point support to be loaded.

  • In a mixed-language program, a C library was specified before a FORTRAN library when the program was linked. Relink and specify the C library last.