Installing HTML Help

Check your computer to see if HTML Help is already installed. It will be one of the programs on the Start menu. If your computer does not have HTML Help installed, you can install it in one of two ways.

To install HTML Help

  • Run Htmlhelp.exe, which is located in the \HtmlHelp subdirectory on Disc 1 of your Visual C++ or Visual Studio CDs. In a typical installation, HTML Help is installed in \Program Files\HTML Help Workshop.

  • Download the latest sources for HTML Help from

To get more information on HTML Help

  1. Run HTML Help Workshop. After installation, HTML Help will be available from the Start menu in Programs.

  2. From the Help menu, click Help Topics.

For more information on context-sensitive help, regardless of whether you implement it using WinHelp or HTML Help, see Help Topics (WinHelp): Context-Sensitive Help for Your Programs.

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