Help Topics (HTML Help): Context-Sensitive Help for Your Programs

Visual C++ 6.0 ships with an online help system called HTML Help. HTML Help uses the underlying components of Microsoft Internet Explorer to display help content. HTML Help supports HTML, ActiveX, Java, scripting (JavaScript and Microsoft Visual Basic Script), and HTML image formats (.jpeg, .gif, .png).

To create online help for your application, you use the authoring tool in HTML Help called HTML Help Workshop (HHW). For more information, see "The HTML Help Components" in the online help (from within HTML Help Workshop, click the Help menu, then click Help Topics).

The topics in this section explain how to create context-sensitive help for an application by using HTML Help Workshop. Applications that use context-sensitive help typically have some kind of user interface.  Commonly, an MFC (.exe), MFC ActiveX control or an ATL ActiveX control are types of applications that use context-sensitive help.  The examples used in the topics in this section use handlers available in an MFC (.exe) application to implement context-sensitive help.

It is possible to use HTML Help and WinHelp in the same application.

Note In order for users of your application to access HTML Help, their computers must have the underlying components of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x (or later). Note that Visual Studio requires Internet Explorer 4.x.

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