Interfaces (VSTA)


Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2012 exposes an unmanaged class that you can use to start and automate the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).

In This Section

IBinaryItem Interface
Used to access the name and bytes of a compiled binary item.

IBinaryItemsChangedHandler Interface
Handles the BinaryItemsChanged event.

IBinaryManager Interface
Manages and provides access to the binary outputs of a project, such as assemblies, programming database files (pdbs), or xml documentation files.

IBreakPoint Interface
Provides the ability to enable or disable a breakpoint within the IDE.

ICodeClass Interface
A class in a project item.

ICodeElement Interface
A unit of code in a project item.

ICodeFunction Interface
A function in a project item.

IEnumBinaryItems Interface
Enumerator for the items created by a binary manager.

IEnumBreakpoints Interface
Enumerator for the breakpoints of a project item.

IEnumCodeElements Interface
Enumeration for code elements.

IEnumProjectItems Interface
Enumerator for the project items in a project.

IEnumProjects Interface
Enumerator for the projects in a session.

IEnumSessions Interface
Enumerator for the sessions in the session manager.

IEnumSourceErrors Interface
Enumerator for the source errors created by a binary manager.

IExternalDebugHost Interface
Notifies the host application about debugging checkpoints for loading and unloading add-ins during external host debugging.

IIde Interface
Controls the launching and visibility of the IDE.

IIdeDeactivatedHandler Interface
Handles the IdeDeactivated event.

IIdeDisconnectedHandler Interface
Handles the IdeDisconnected event.

IIdeLostFocusHandler Interface
Handles the IdeLostFocus event.

IOptions Interface
Provides configuration information for the session manager.

IProject Interface
An interface to manage a project and its associated IBinaryManager Interface.

IProjectChangedHandler Interface
Handles the ProjectChanged event.

IProjectItem Interface
An item in a project.

IProjectStorage Interface
Allows a project to be loaded and saved from an externally defined medium.

IReference Interface
A reference to an assembly in an MSBuild project.

ISession Interface (VSTA)
An interface that manages a collection of related items of type Project and provides an Ide.

ISessionManager Interface
An interface that creates and manages instances of Session objects.

ISourceError Interface
An interface for accessing an error from a BinaryManager object.

Reference documentation for managed types can be found in the dv_vstaref.chm Help file.