Overview of the Windows SDK

With the advances in Windows Vistaâ„¢, Microsoft enables the Windows platform to deliver on three key essentials:

  • Helping people to be more confident by making the operating system safer, more reliable, and more responsive

  • Helping people gain clarity by removing clutter and improving organization

  • Helping people connect with others easily and securely by improving network security and integration collaboration

Windows Vista empowers developers to create software that embodies these three essentials. Windows Vista improves application quality, enables developers to create richer, easier-to-use applications, and adds comprehensive APIs for accessing connectivity infrastructure.

In This Section

What's New in the Windows SDK

Lists the new features of this release of the Windows SDK, including technologies, tools, and samples.

Top Ten Things You Can Do to Create Vista-Style Applications

Summarizes the top ten ways your applications can take advantage of the new features provided by Windows Vista.

Samples in the Windows SDK

Lists the samples available in this release of the Windows SDK and includes instructions on how to build them from the Samples directory.

Optional Components You Can Install

Lists the specialized optional components that can help you work more efficiently.

Migration and Interoperability Portal

Describes how to control unmanaged resources using Migration and Interoperability.