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[Starting with the .NET Framework 4.5, Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) has been fully integrated into the .NET Framework. The version of WIF addressed by this topic, WIF 3.5, is deprecated and should only be used when developing against the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or the .NET Framework 4. For more information about WIF in the .NET Framework 4.5, also known as WIF 4.5, see the Windows Identity Foundation documentation in the .NET Framework 4.5 Development Guide.]

Defines the collection of configurable properties controlling the behavior of the Windows Identity Foundation.

The following tables list the members exposed by the ServiceConfiguration type.

Public Constructors

  Name Description
  ServiceConfiguration Overloaded.  


Public Fields

  Name Description
public fieldstatic DefaultCertificateValidationMode  
public fieldstatic DefaultMaxClockSkew  
public fieldstatic DefaultRevocationMode  
public fieldstatic DefaultServiceName  
public fieldstatic DefaultTrustedStoreLocation  


Public Properties

  Name Description
public property AudienceRestriction Gets or sets the AudienceRestriction.
public property CertificateValidationMode Gets or sets the certificate validation mode used by handlers to validate issuer certificates.
public property CertificateValidator Gets or sets the certificate validator used by handlers to validate issuer certificates.
public property ClaimsAuthenticationManager Gets or sets the ClaimsAuthenticationManager.
public property ClaimsAuthorizationManager Gets or sets the ClaimsAuthorizationManager.
public property DetectReplayedTokens Gets or sets detection of replaying of tokens by handlers in the default handler configuration.
public property DisableWsdl Gets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether WSDL generation for the service is enabled. The default value is false.
public property ExceptionMapper Gets or sets the ExceptionMapper to be used when throwing exceptions.
public property IsInitialized Determines if Initialize has been called.
public property IssuerNameRegistry Gets or sets the IssuerNameRegistry used to resolve issuer names.
public property IssuerTokenResolver Gets or sets the Issuer token resolver.
public property MaxClockSkew Gets or sets the maximum allowable time difference between the system clocks of the two parties that are communicating.
public property Name Gets or sets the service name of this configuration.
public property RevocationMode Gets or sets the revocation mode used by handlers to validate issuer certificates.
public property SaveBootstrapTokens Gets or sets whether bootstrap tokens are saved in the IClaimsIdentity and Sessions after token validation.
public property SecurityTokenHandlerCollectionManager Gets or sets the set of T:Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens.SecurityTokenHandler objects used for serializing and validating tokens found in WS-Trust messages.
public property SecurityTokenHandlers Gets or sets the collection of SecurityTokenHandler objects used for serializing and validating tokens found in WS-Trust messages. If user wants to register their own token handler, they can simply add their own handler to this collection.
public property ServiceCertificate Gets or sets the service certificate.
public property ServiceTokenResolver Gets or sets the Service token resolver.
public property TokenReplayCache Gets or sets the TokenReplayCache that is used to detect replayed tokens.
public property TokenReplayCacheExpirationPeriod Gets or sets the expiration period for items placed in the TokenReplayCache.
public property TrustedStoreLocation Gets or sets the trusted store location used by handlers to validate issuer certificates.


Public Methods

(see also Protected Methods)

  Name Description
public method CreateAggregateTokenResolver Creates an aggregate token resolver with the service certificate and the service token resolver configured.
public method Equals  (Inherited from Object)
public method GetHashCode  (Inherited from Object)
public method GetType  (Inherited from Object)
public method Initialize Updates properties in the SecurityTokenHandlerConfiguration objects for the SecurityTokenHandlerCollection objects contained in SecurityTokenHandlerCollectionManager to be consistent with the property values on this ServiceConfiguration instance.
public method ToString  (Inherited from Object)


Protected Methods

  Name Description
protected method Finalize  (Inherited from Object)
protected method LoadConfiguration Loads the settings for the ServiceConfiguration from the application or web configuration file.
protected method LoadHandlerConfiguration Overloaded.  
protected method LoadHandlers Loads the P:Microsoft.IdentityModel.Configuration.ServiceConfiguration.SecurityTokenHandlerCollectionManager defined for a given service.
protected method MemberwiseClone  (Inherited from Object)


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