WinJS.UI.Animation.dragSourceStart function

Performs an animation when the user begins to drag an object.

The following video demonstrates the drag animations:


WinJS.UI.Animation.dragSourceStart(dragSource, affected).done( /* Your success and error handlers */ );


  • dragSource
    Type: Object

    Element or elements being dragged.

  • affected [optional]
    Type: Object

    Element or elements whose position is affected by the movement of the dragged object. Typically, this is all other items in a reorderable list.

Return value

Type: Promise**

An object that completes when the animation is finished.


The parameters of this function can be expressed in several ways:

  • As the special value "undefined", which means that the animation has no such target
  • As a single object
  • As a JavaScript array (possibly empty), in which each element of the array can be a single element or a JavaScript array of elements.
  • As a NodeList (for example, the result of querySelectorAll)
  • As an HTMLCollection

The position of the dragged item is normally updated through the CSS -ms-transform property. However, dragSourceStart overwrites that -ms-transform property. Therefore, to see expected behavior, you should wrap the dragged element in a second element which acts as a new parent. Apply dragSourceStart to the original element and -ms-transform to the new parent element.


Minimum WinJS version

WinJS 1.0



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