onnavigating event

A page navigation event that occurs after onbeforenavigate and before onnavigated. This event can be used to perform other actions during navigation.


WinJS.Navigation.addEventListener("navigating", listenerName);
WinJS.Application.onnavigating = listenerName;

Event information

Synchronous No
Bubbles Yes
Cancelable Yes

Event handler parameters

  • eventInfo
    Type: CustomEvent**

    An object that contains information about the event. The detail property of this object contains the following sub-properties:

    • location: The URI to navigate to.
    • state: One or more user-defined key-value pairs.
    • delta: The number of pages traversed forward or backward in the navigation stack. This value is typically +1, -1, or the value of distance specified in back or forward.


Minimum WinJS version

WinJS 1.0



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