WinJS.UI.Animation.continuumBackwardIn function

Scales down an incoming page while scaling, rotating (counterclockwise), and translating an incoming item into place.


WinJS.UI.Animation.continuumBackwardIn(incomingPage, incomingItem).done( /* Your success and error handlers */ );


  • incomingPage
    Type: Object

    A single element to be scaled down that is the page root and contains the incoming item.

  • incomingItem
    Type: Object

    A single element to be scaled, rotated, and translated into its final position on the page.

Return value

Type: Promise**

An object that returns when the animation has finished.


The incomingPage and incomingItem parameters of this function can be expressed in several ways:

  • As the special value "undefined", which means that the animation has no such target
  • As a single object
  • As a JavaScript array (possibly empty), in which each element of the array can be a single element or a JavaScript array of elements.
  • As a NodeList (for example, the result of querySelectorAll)
  • As an HTMLCollection

Note   For Windows, this member is available starting with the WinJS 3.0 library. The WinJS 3.0 library is available via CDN, package manager, or website download but currently not through the Windows Store as a Windows Store framework package.



Minimum WinJS version

WinJS 1.0



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