Making tiles accessible

[This article is for Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 8.x developers writing Windows Runtime apps. If you’re developing for Windows 10, see the latest documentation]

Ensure that your app's tiles look good in High Contrast Black and High Contrast White themes. If necessary, provide high contrast theme versions of your tiles (unless your tile is a photograph or a company logo).

If you choose to display a logo name on a tile (set in the app manifest), or if your logo image contains text that conveys information (is not only decorative), make sure the text meets the requirements for accessible text (for XAML or for HTML).

The following image shows the Microsoft Visual Studio app manifest settings for logo text.

The color codes for logo foreground text as used in the Visual Studio app manifest designer UI are as follows:

  • Dark - #FFFFFF (#FFFFFFFF with the alpha channel)
  • Light - #2A2A2A (#FF2A2A2A with the alpha channel)

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