SRGS grammars for Windows Phone 8

[ This article is for Windows Phone 8 developers. If you’re developing for Windows 10, see the latest documentation. ]

The Speech Recognition Grammar Specification (SRGS) Version 1.0 is the industry-standard markup language for creating XML format grammars for speech recognition. Although Windows Phone 8 provides alternatives to using SRGS for creating speech recognition grammars, you may find that using SRGS to create grammars produces the best results, particularly for more involved speech recognition scenarios.

SRGS grammars provide a full set of features to help you architect complex voice interaction with your apps. For example, with SRGS grammars you can:

  • Specify the order in which words and phrases must be spoken to be recognized.

  • Combine words from multiple lists and phrases to be recognized.

  • Link to other grammars.

  • Assign a weight to an alternative word or phrase to increase or decrease the likelihood that it will be used to match speech input.

  • Include optional words or phrases.

  • Use special rules that help filter out unspecified or unanticipated input, such as random speech that doesn’t match the grammar, or background noise.

  • Use semantics to define what speech recognition means to your app.

  • Specify pronunciations, either inline in a grammar or via a link to a lexicon.

See the SRGS Grammar XML Reference for more info about SRGS elements and attributes. To get started creating an SRGS grammar, see How to Create a Basic XML Grammar.

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