UDDI Data Model and Messages

Note: The Microsoft UDDI SDK is not supported by or included in Microsoft Windows versions after Microsoft Windows Server 7. The Microsoft UDDI V3 SDK is included with Microsoft BizTalk Server. For more information about the Microsoft UDDI V3 SDK, see Microsoft BizTalk Server documentation

The UDDI specifications describe the content of a UDDI server and the messages used to communicate with it. A schema definition in XML precisely defines the server and messages.

This section summarizes the UDDI specifications and schema using a graphical notation to help visualize the objects in the server and the relationships between them. This section also summarizes the UDDI messages and extensions that are specific to the Microsoft.Uddi assembly for the .NET Framework.

The topics start with a conceptual perspective, where the models represent real-world objects. As they increase in detail, the topics move to an implementation perspective, where the models represent the objects in the UDDI schema.

This section includes the following topics:

To view the complete UDDI specification and the XML schema definition, see the references in Other Resources about UDDI.

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