Enumeration Types

The Picture Acquisition application programming interface (API) implements the following enumerated types.

Enumerated type Description
DEVICE_SELECTION_DEVICE_TYPE Indicates the type of a selected device; used by IPhotoAcquireDeviceSelectionDialog::DoModal.
ERROR_ADVISE_MESSAGE_TYPE Indicates the type of error values that can be passed to the nMessageType parameter of IPhotoAcquireProgressCB::ErrorAdvise.
ERROR_ADVISE_RESULT Indicates the type of error values that can be assigned to the pnErrorAdviseResult parameter of IPhotoAcquireProgressCB::ErrorAdvise.
PROGRESS_DIALOG_CHECKBOX_ID Indicates the check box on the IPhotoProgressDialog object.
PROGRESS_DIALOG_IMAGE_TYPE Indicates the image type set in IPhotoProgressDialog::SetImage.
USER_INPUT_STRING_TYPE Indicates the type of string to obtain from the user in IPhotoAcquireProgressCB::GetUserInput.


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