Active Directory Rights Management Services Scripting API Reference

The Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) Scripting API enables you to create custom scripts to administer an RMS server. The examples in the following topics use Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) and Windows Script Host (WSH).

Object Description
ADFederationService Manages Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) support.
ApplicationSpecificDataItem Defines a name-value pair that can be added to a rights template and used by any AD RMS–enabled application that understands it.
ApplicationSpecificDataItemCollection Contains a collection of ApplicationSpecificDataItem objects.
AuditReport Enables logging and retrieves information about the logging database.
ClusterInformation Contains AD RMS configuration information.
ConfigurationManager Represents the top-level object in the AD RMS scripting API.
Constants Contains predefined constant values that can be used in various methods and properties to improve code readability.
DatabaseInformation Represents the database used to log information about the use of rights-protected content in an organization.
Enterprise Manages enterprise administration.
EnterpriseDatabase Retrieves the configuration, directory services, and logging databases.
EnterpriseUrls Contains enterprise licensing and account certification service URLs.
ExcludedApplication Represents an application that is prohibited from decrypting AD RMS–protected content.
ExcludedApplicationCollection Contains a collection of ExcludedApplication objects.
ExcludedLockbox Identifies the minimum lockbox version that must be installed on the client before a use license can be granted.
ExcludedUserAccount Identifies a user account for which new use license requests are denied.
ExcludedUserAccountCollection Contains a collection of ExcludedUserAccount objects.
ExclusionPolicy Manages AD RMS exclusion policies.
ExpirationCondition Represents a template condition that specifies when protected content expires and when a use license must be renewed.
ExpirationData Specifies the date at which AD RMS–protected content expires and can no longer be opened.
ExtendedCondition Contains predefined policies that can be set on a rights template.
IssuancePolicy Specifies the amount of time for which rights account certificates (RACs) are valid.
LoggingSystemInformation Contains information about the AD RMS logging environment.
OnlineTrustedServiceExcludedUserCollection Contains a collection of users excluded from the Windows Live ID user domain.
OnlineTrustedServiceUserDomain Represents Windows Live ID user domains in the trust policy of an enterprise.
ProxyAuthentication Specifies the type of proxy server authentication required, if any, and sets the authentication credentials.
ProxySettings Represents the configuration settings of a proxy server.
RevocationCondition Contains the revocation policy for a rights policy template.
RightsTemplate Manages a rights policy template.
RightsTemplateCollection Contains a collection of RightsTemplate objects
RightsTemplatePolicy Retrieves a collection of rights policy templates and specifies the shared folder through which those templates are distributed.
SecurityPolicy Decommissions a server and specifies a super users group.
ServerLicensorCertificate Manages the AD RMS server licensor certificate.
ServiceConnectionPoint Manages a service connection point (SCP).
ServiceIdentity Manages an AD RMS service account.
ServicePrivateKeyProtectionInformation Contains information about the server licensor private key.
StringCollection Manages a collection of string objects.
TemplateLocaleName Defines a name and locale ID (LCID) pair for a template.
TemplateLocaleNameCollection Contains a collection of TemplateLocaleName objects.
TemplateSummary Contains descriptive information about a template.
TemplateSummaryCollection Contains a collection of TemplateSummary objects.
TrustedDomainNameCollection Contains a collection of the domain names that make up a trusted user domain.
TrustedPublishingDomain Contains information about a trusted publishing domain.
TrustedPublishingDomainCollection Contains a collection of TrustedPublishingDomain objects.
TrustedUserDomain Represents a trusted user domain associated with an AD RMS installation.
TrustedUserDomainCollection Contains a collection of TrustedUserDomain objects.
TrustPolicy Manages the AD RMS trust policy.
Urls Retrieves internal and external web service URLs.
UserDomainAccount Contains account credential information.
UserRightsItem Represents a user and identifies the rights granted to consume protected content.
UserRightsItemCollection Contains a collection of UserRightsItem objects.
VariantObjectCollection Contains abstract methods and properties that manage a generic collection.
Version Represents a version number in the format Major.Minor.Build.Revision.


Active Directory Rights Management Services Scripting API