AcquireLicense method

[The AD RMS SDK leveraging functionality exposed by the client in Msdrm.dll is available for use in Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, and Windows 8. It may be altered or unavailable in subsequent versions. Instead, use Active Directory Rights Management Services SDK 2.1, which leverages functionality exposed by the client in Msipc.dll.]

The AcquireLicense SOAP web method returns one or more signed use licenses.


This SOAP web method is documented as if it were used in a .NET Framework XML web service client. For information about creating an XML web service client, see Building XML Web Service Clients and Accessing XML Web Services in Managed Code.


public AcquireLicenseResponse[] AcquireLicense(
  AcquireLicenseParams[] RequestParams

Public Function AcquireLicense( _
  ByVal RequestParams() As AcquireLicenseParams _
) As AcquireLicenseResponse()



An array of AcquireLicenseParams objects, each of which contains the following fields.

LicenseeCerts ()

Contains the user identity account certificate.

IssuanceLicense ()

Contains the issuance license.

ApplicationData ()

This field is not supported.

The first AcquireLicenseParams object in the array must contain a value for the IssuanceLicense field. Subsequent objects in the array can contain a value for this field, but if they do not, the last value specified is used with the current LicenseeCerts value.


Starting with RMS 1.0 SP2, enterprise servers can accept an array that contains more than a single element. Multiple elements are not, however, supported during license acquisition performed by using the Windows Live ID certification service.

Return value

An array of AcquireLicenseResponse objects that contain the signed use licenses, if granted.

Web Service URL



The VersionDataValue and Credentials properties of the SOAP proxy object must be set before calling this method.

Starting with RMS 1.0 SP2, batch sizes greater than one are supported on enterprise servers. That is, the array of AcquireLicenseParams objects that you send to the server can contain more than one element. Therefore, the array of AcquireLicenseResponse objects returned can contain multiple elements. One use license is retrieved for each valid request.

A single certificate chain returned by this function contains the common chain for the license. When a client receives this response, it must construct a certificate chain that a consuming application can use. For more information, see AcquireLicenseResponse. You can use Windows Live ID with this function.


Rights Management Services 1.0 SP2 or later

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