IGetClusterDataInfo::GetClusterName method

[This method is available for use in the operating systems specified in the Requirements section. Support for this method was removed in Windows Server 2008.]

Returns the name of the cluster.


HRESULT GetClusterName(
  BSTR lpszName,
  LONG *pcchName



Pointer to a null-terminated Unicode string containing the name of the cluster; or NULL to indicate that the caller is requesting only the length of the name. Although declared as a BSTR, this parameter is implemented as an LPWSTR.


On input, pointer to the size of the buffer, in characters, pointed to by the lpszName parameter. On output, pointer to the total number of characters in the buffer including the NULL-terminating character.

Return Value

If GetClusterName is not successful, it can return other HRESULT values.


If the lpszName parameter is set to NULL and the pcchName parameter is not set to NULL, the GetClusterName method returns NOERROR.


Windows version None supported Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, Windows Server 2003 Datacenter
Target Platform Windows
Header cluadmex.h

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