Identifies the conflict resolution code returned by the IOfflineFilesSyncConflictHandler::ResolveConflict method.




OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_CONFLICT_RESOLVE_NONE No resolution. The conflict is unresolved. This allows the conflict to be processed by other handlers in the system.
OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_CONFLICT_RESOLVE_KEEPLOCAL Keep the local state. This overwrites the remote copy with the local copy's contents. If the local copy was deleted, this deletes the remote copy on the server.
OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_CONFLICT_RESOLVE_KEEPREMOTE Keep the remote state. This overwrites the local copy with the remote copy's contents. If the remote copy was deleted, this deletes the local copy in the Offline Files cache.
OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_CONFLICT_RESOLVE_KEEPALLCHANGES Keeps both copies. Note that this resolution is valid only for sync conflict states where both the server and client copies exist and where at least one of the items is a file. The OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_CONFLICT_RESOLVE_KEEPALLCHANGES resolution is not available when one of the items has been deleted or both items are directories.

The list of applicable OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE values is as follows:

OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_DirChangedOnClient_FileChangedOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_DirChangedOnClient_FileOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_DirCreatedOnClient_FileChangedOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_DirCreatedOnClient_FileOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_DirOnClient_FileChangedOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_DirOnClient_FileOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_FileChangedOnClient_ChangedOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_FileChangedOnClient_DirChangedOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_FileChangedOnClient_DirOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_FileCreatedOnClient_DirChangedOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_FileCreatedOnClient_DirOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_FileCreatedOnClient_FileChangedOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_FileCreatedOnClient_FileOnServer OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_STATE_FileOnClient_DirOnServer

OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_CONFLICT_RESOLVE_KEEPLATEST Retains the state of the latest operation as determined by last-change times of the items in conflict. If the local item was deleted, the time of deletion is used for comparison.

The case where the remote copy was deleted after the client copy was changed is a special case that produces an unexpected result. The logical expectation is that the later operation (the remote deletion) propagates to the client and deletes the client copy from the cache. However, the result is that the client copy is restored to the server, reversing the deletion. This is because Offline Files is a client feature and therefore is unable to know when a remote copy of a cached item was deleted. If the local copy is modified offline, the last-change time of that local copy will be later than the last-change time for the remote copy recorded when the item was last in sync. Therefore, an OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_CONFLICT_RESOLVE_KEEPLATEST resolution finds the last-change time on the client copy to be later than the last-change time last known for the server copy. This causes the local copy to be restored to the server.

OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_CONFLICT_RESOLVE_LOG Write an entry to the sync conflict log and perform no further attempts at resolving the conflict. The interactive user will resolve the conflict through Sync Center at a later time.
OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_CONFLICT_RESOLVE_SKIP Do not resolve the conflict. Do not record an entry in the sync conflict log.
OFFLINEFILES_SYNC_CONFLICT_ABORT Cancel the synchronization operation.


Windows version Windows Vista Windows Server 2008
Header cscobj.h

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