IFsrmReportManager::SetReportSizeLimit method

Sets the current value of the specified report size limit.


HRESULT SetReportSizeLimit(
  FsrmReportLimit limit,
  VARIANT         limitValue



Identifies the limit which is used to limit the files listed in a report. For possible values, see the FsrmReportLimit enumeration.


The limit. Must be greater than zero. You can specify the variant as a short, int, or long that is either signed or unsigned. The method will also accept a string value. The method must be able to convert the value to a positive, long number. For example, to pass the value as a long, set the variant type to VT_I4 and then set the lVal member of the variant to the limit value.

Return Value

The method returns the following return values.


The following list lists the default limits for the FsrmReportLimit enumeration values used for the limit parameter.

Limit Default value
FsrmReportLimit_MaxDuplicateGroups 100 duplicate groups
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFiles 1,000 files
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFileGroups 10 groups
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFileScreenEvents 1,000 file screen events
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFilesPerDuplGroup 10 files per duplicate group
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFilesPerFileGroup 100 files per group
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFilesPerOwner 100 files per owner
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFilesPerPropertyValue 100 files per property
FsrmReportLimit_MaxOwners 10 owners
FsrmReportLimit_MaxPropertyValues 10 properties
FsrmReportLimit_MaxQuotas 1,000 quotas
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFolders 1,000 folders


Windows version None supported Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header fsrmreports.h (include FsrmReports.h, FsrmTlb.h)
DLL SrmSvc.dll

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