IContactPropertyCollection interface

Do not use. Used to filter contact data, based on a label or property set. Enumerates contact properties exposed with an IContactProperties object. For each property, the name, type, version, and modification date can be retrieved.


The IContactPropertyCollection interface has these methods.

Method Description
IContactPropertyCollection::GetPropertyArrayElementID Retrieves the unique ID for a given element in a property array.
IContactPropertyCollection::GetPropertyModificationDate Retrieves the last modification date for the current property in the enumeration. If not modified, contact creation date is returned.
IContactPropertyCollection::GetPropertyName Retrieves the name for the current property in the enumeration.
IContactPropertyCollection::GetPropertyType Retrieves the type for the current property in the enumeration.
IContactPropertyCollection::GetPropertyVersion Retrieves the version number for the current property in the enumeration.
IContactPropertyCollection::Next Moves to the next property.
IContactPropertyCollection::Reset Resets enumeration of properties.


Note  Changing the IContactProperties properties object while enumerating properties with this interface results in undefined behavior.


Windows version Windows Vista [desktop apps only] Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header icontact.h (include Contact.h)