__MIDL___MIDL_itf_msrdc_0000_0000_0001 Enumeration

The RDC_ErrorCode enumeration type defines the set of RDC-specific error codes.


typedef enum __MIDL___MIDL_itf_msrdc_0000_0000_0001 {
  RDC_NoError                 ,
  RDC_HeaderVersionNewer      ,
  RDC_HeaderVersionOlder      ,
  RDC_HeaderMissingOrCorrupt  ,
  RDC_HeaderWrongType         ,
  RDC_DataMissingOrCorrupt    ,
  RDC_DataTooManyRecords      ,
  RDC_FileChecksumMismatch    ,
  RDC_ApplicationError        ,
  RDC_Aborted                 ,
} RDC_ErrorCode;


RDC_NoError The operation was completed successfully.
RDC_HeaderVersionNewer The data header is incompatible with this library.
RDC_HeaderVersionOlder The data header is incompatible with this library.
RDC_HeaderMissingOrCorrupt The data header is missing or corrupt.
RDC_HeaderWrongType The data header format is incorrect.
RDC_DataMissingOrCorrupt The end of data was reached before all data expected was read.
RDC_DataTooManyRecords Additional data was found past where the end of data was expected.
RDC_FileChecksumMismatch The final file checksum doesn't match.
RDC_ApplicationError An application callback function returned failure.
RDC_Aborted The operation was aborted.
RDC_Win32Error The failure of the function is not RDC-specific and the HRESULT returned by the function contains the specific error code.


Windows version Windows Vista Windows Server 2008
Header msrdc.h

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