_CLUSTER_ROLE Enumeration

Contains the names of the standard cluster roles.


typedef enum _CLUSTER_ROLE {
  ClusterRoleDHCP                         ,
  ClusterRoleDTC                          ,
  ClusterRoleFileServer                   ,
  ClusterRoleGenericApplication           ,
  ClusterRoleGenericScript                ,
  ClusterRoleGenericService               ,
  ClusterRoleISCSINameServer              ,
  ClusterRoleMSMQ                         ,
  ClusterRoleNFS                          ,
  ClusterRolePrintServer                  ,
  ClusterRoleStandAloneNamespaceServer    ,
  ClusterRoleVolumeShadowCopyServiceTask  ,
  ClusterRoleWINS                         ,
  ClusterRoleTaskScheduler                ,
  ClusterRoleNetworkFileSystem            ,
  ClusterRoleDFSReplicatedFolder          ,
  ClusterRoleDistributedFileSystem        ,
  ClusterRoleDistributedNetworkName       ,
  ClusterRoleFileShare                    ,
  ClusterRoleFileShareWitness             ,
  ClusterRoleHardDisk                     ,
  ClusterRoleIPAddress                    ,
  ClusterRoleIPV6Address                  ,
  ClusterRoleIPV6TunnelAddress            ,
  ClusterRoleISCSITargetServer            ,
  ClusterRoleNetworkName                  ,
  ClusterRolePhysicalDisk                 ,
  ClusterRoleSODAFileServer               ,
  ClusterRoleStoragePool                  ,
  ClusterRoleVirtualMachine               ,
  ClusterRoleVirtualMachineConfiguration  ,


ClusterRoleDHCP The DHCP cluster role.
ClusterRoleDTC The Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) role.
ClusterRoleFileServer The file share role.
ClusterRoleGenericApplication The Generic Application role.
ClusterRoleGenericScript The Generic Script role.
ClusterRoleGenericService The Generic Service role.
ClusterRoleISCSINameServer The Microsoft Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) role.
ClusterRoleMSMQ The Microsoft Message Queue role.
ClusterRoleNFS The Network File System (NFS) Share role.
ClusterRolePrintServer The Print Spooler cluster role.
ClusterRoleStandAloneNamespaceServer The specialized File Share role.
ClusterRoleVolumeShadowCopyServiceTask The Volume Shadow Copy Service Task role.
ClusterRoleWINS The WINS Service role.
ClusterRoleTaskScheduler The Task Scheduler role.
ClusterRoleNetworkFileSystem The network file system role.
ClusterRoleDFSReplicatedFolder The Distributed File System (DFS) replicated folder role.
ClusterRoleDistributedFileSystem The Distributed File System (DFS) role.
ClusterRoleDistributedNetworkName The Distributed Network Name role.
ClusterRoleFileShare The file share role.
ClusterRoleFileShareWitness The file share witness role
ClusterRoleHardDisk The hard disk role.
ClusterRoleIPAddress The IP address role.
ClusterRoleIPV6Address The IPV6 address role.
ClusterRoleIPV6TunnelAddress The IPV6 tunnel address role.
ClusterRoleISCSITargetServer The ISCSI Target Server role.
ClusterRoleNetworkName The Network Name role.
ClusterRolePhysicalDisk The physical disk role.
ClusterRoleSODAFileServer The Scale-Out (SODA) File Server role
ClusterRoleStoragePool The storage pool role.
ClusterRoleVirtualMachine The virtual machine role.
ClusterRoleVirtualMachineConfiguration The virtual machine configuration role.
ClusterRoleVirtualMachineReplicaBroker The virtual machine replica broker role.


Windows version None supported Windows Server 2008 Datacenter, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
Header resapi.h

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