ISBE2Crossbar interface

Defines crossbar functionality for a Stream Buffer Engine (SBE) version 2 (SBE2) Stream Buffer Source filter.

A crossbar offers the following new features for the Stream Buffer Source filter in Windows 7:

  • It lets you predefine a collection of media streams that reside in a WTV file and map those streams to the filter's output pins. One of those collections is known as a profile, and a single mapping between a stream and an output pin is known as a stream mapping.
  • It lets you define which profile and which stream mappings to use for the filter when the media graph first starts running.
  • It lets you change the profile and stream mappings while the graph is running.

The ISBE2Crossbar interface is implemented by the Stream Buffer Source filter.


The ISBE2Crossbar interface has these methods.

Method Description
ISBE2Crossbar::EnableDefaultMode Enables or disables the profile default mode and stream default mode for a crossbar in a Stream Buffer Source filter.
ISBE2Crossbar::EnumStreams Gets an enumeration object for all streams that are discovered in a WTV file. The filter crossbar, which exposes the ISBE2Crossbar interface, manages the mappings between the streams in the WTV file and the filter output pins.
ISBE2Crossbar::GetInitialProfile Gets the initial profile that lists the media types that are present in the currently loaded WTV file.
ISBE2Crossbar::SetOutputProfile Replaces the default or current input profile with the profile specified in this method.


To declare the interface identifier (IID) for this interface, use the __uuidof operator: __uuidof(ISBE2Crossbar).


Minimum supported client Windows 7 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server None supported
Target Platform Windows
Header sbe.h