ISBE2MediaTypeProfile interface

Implements a media type profile. A media type profile describes a set of streams and their media types, which are used when output pins for a Stream Buffer Source filter are created to specify the media types supported by those pins. The Stream Buffer Source filter implements the ISBE2Crossbar interface, which you can use to set the media type profile for the filter.

To obtain a pointer to the ISBE2MediaTypeProfile interface, call the ISBE2Crossbar::GetInitialProfile method for the crossbar, and then use the value returned in the ppProfile output parameter.


The ISBE2MediaTypeProfile interface has these methods.

Method Description
ISBE2MediaTypeProfile::AddStream Adds a stream to a media type profile.
ISBE2MediaTypeProfile::DeleteStream Removes a stream from a media type profile.
ISBE2MediaTypeProfile::GetStream Gets the media type of a stream that appears at a specific index in a media type profile.
ISBE2MediaTypeProfile::GetStreamCount Gets the number of streams in a media type profile.


To declare the interface identifier (IID) for this interface, use the __uuidof operator: __uuidof(ISBE2MediaTypeProfile).


Minimum supported client Windows 7 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server None supported
Target Platform Windows
Header sbe.h