IWMStreamConfig2 interface

The IWMStreamConfig2 interface manages the data unit extensions associated with a stream.

IWMStreamConfig2 inherits from IWMStreamConfig. To obtain a pointer to IWMStreamConfig2, call the QueryInterface method of the IWMStreamConfig interface.


The IWMStreamConfig2 interface has these methods.

Method Description
IWMStreamConfig2::AddDataUnitExtension The AddDataUnitExtension method adds a data unit extension system to the stream. You can use data unit extension systems to attach custom data to samples in an output file.
IWMStreamConfig2::GetDataUnitExtension The GetDataUnitExtension method retrieves information about an existing data unit extension system.
IWMStreamConfig2::GetDataUnitExtensionCount The GetDataUnitExtensionCount method retrieves the total number of data unit extension systems that have been added to the stream.
IWMStreamConfig2::GetTransportType The GetTransportType method retrieves the type of data communication protocol (reliable or unreliable) used for the stream.
IWMStreamConfig2::RemoveAllDataUnitExtensions The RemoveAllDataUnitExtensions method removes all data unit extension systems that are associated with the stream.
IWMStreamConfig2::SetTransportType The SetTransportType method sets the type of data communication protocol (reliable or unreliable) used for the stream.


Target Platform Windows
Header wmsdkidl.h

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