IWMSInternalAdminNetSource interface

The IWMSInternalAdminNetSource interface manages cached passwords and finds proxy servers.

To obtain a pointer to an instance of this interface, call the QueryInterface method of the IDispatch interface retrieved by INSNetSourceCreator::GetNetSourceAdminInterface.


The IWMSInternalAdminNetSource interface has these methods.

Method Description
IWMSInternalAdminNetSource::DeleteCredentials The DeleteCredentials method removes a password from the cache.
IWMSInternalAdminNetSource::FindProxyForURL The FindProxyForURL method finds a proxy server name and port to use for the client.
IWMSInternalAdminNetSource::GetCredentialFlags The GetCredentialFlags method can be used in conjunction with IWMSInternalAdminNetSource::SetCredentialFlags to determine whether the user wants passwords saved as a default behavior. This method retrieves any flags previously set.
IWMSInternalAdminNetSource::GetCredentials The GetCredentials method retrieves a cached password.
IWMSInternalAdminNetSource::RegisterProxyFailure Registers a proxy failure.
IWMSInternalAdminNetSource::SetCredentialFlags The SetCredentialFlags method is used to set the user preference for automatic password caching.
IWMSInternalAdminNetSource::SetCredentials The SetCredentials method adds a password to the cache.
IWMSInternalAdminNetSource::ShutdownProxyContext The ShutdownProxyContext method releases the internal resources used by IWMSInternalAdminNetSource::FindProxyForURL. To avoid memory leaks, you must call this method after you are finished making calls to FindProxyForURL.


Most of the methods of the IWMSInternalAdminNetSource interface have been updated in IWMSInternalAdminNetSource2 and IWMSInternalAdminNetSource3. If you are developing an application using a version of the Windows Media Format SDK that supports the later interfaces, you should use them.


Target Platform Windows
Header wmsinternaladminnetsource.h

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