Use the Correct Plural for the Class Name

Collection classes should use the correct plural for the class name. For example, if you have a class named Axis, store the collection of Axis objects in an Axes class. Similarly, a collection of Vertex objects should be stored in a Vertices class. In cases where English uses the same word for the plural, append the word "Collection."

Use Don't use
Axes Axiss
SeriesCollection CollectionSeries
Windows ColWindow


Using plurals rather than inventing new names for collections reduces the number of items a user must remember, and simplifies the selection of names for collections.

For some collections, however, this may not be appropriate, especially where a set of objects exists independently of the collection. For example, a Mail program might have a Name object that exists in several collections, such as ToList, CCList, and GroupList. In this case, you might specify the individual name collections as ToNames, CCNames, and GroupNames.