Job Members

Applies To: Windows 8.1

Represents information about a job.

The following tables list the members exposed by the Job type.

Public Properties

  Name Description
public property AssessmentCount The number of assessments in the job.
public property Item An assessment that belongs to the job.
public property JobParameter A Properties that solutions set in a job manifest to control the execution of a job.
public property Name A short human-readable name for a job.
public property ToolTip A short description of a job suitable for displaying in a tool tip control.


Public Methods

(see also Protected Methods)

  Name Description
public method CheckPrerequisites Retrieves a collection of prerequisite items for the job.
public method Dispose Releases all resources used by the object.
public method Equals  (Inherited from Object)
public method GetEnumerator Retrieve the assessment enumerator for the job.
public method GetHashCode  (Inherited from Object)
public method GetType  (Inherited from Object)
public method ToString  (Inherited from Object)


Protected Methods

  Name Description
protected method Finalize  (Inherited from Object)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (Inherited from Object)


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