ResultsPublishPath element

Specifies a UNC path to a file containing results. At the end of a job, AXE aggregates all the XML results from each assessment, ETL files, and any other specified files (as cabinet files) and copies these results to this path.




There are no attributes.

Text value

A UNC path to a file containing results. This path is processed using ExpandEnvironmentStringsW.

Child elements

There are no child elements.

Parent elements

Element Description
Describes the parameters for a job. These parameters control how a job runs, and can be read by an assessment.


This path is processed using. AXE will process this path with the Win32 API ExpandEnvironmentStringsW() until no more expansions occur.

For single machine scenarios this should be a local path that is not in one of the Window's temporary directories. The solution determines this path.

Object Model Warnings Supported: If the path is not a valid UNC path.

Element information

Can be empty Yes

See also

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