MatrixStack.RotateAxis(Vector3,Single) Method (Microsoft.DirectX)

Determines the product of the current matrix and the computed rotation matrix.


Visual Basic Public Sub RotateAxis( _
    ByVal axisRotation As Vector3, _
    ByVal angle As Single _
C# public void RotateAxis(
    Vector3 axisRotation,
    float angle
C++ public:
void RotateAxis(
    Vector3 axisRotation,
    float angle
JScript public function RotateAxis(
    axisRotation : Vector3,
    angle : float


axisRotation Microsoft.DirectX.Vector3
A Vector3 structure that represents the rotation axis to use for the calculation.
angle System.Single
Angle of rotation, in radians. Angles are measured clockwise when looking along the rotation axis toward the origin.


This method right-multiplies the current matrix by the computed rotation matrix, counterclockwise about the given axis with the given angle (rotation is about the current world origin).



The method call is invalid. For example, a method's parameter might contain an invalid value.

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