What's New in the MMC 3.0 Guidelines 

The MMC 3.0 Guidelines contains several new conceptual topics on how to plan and architect your snap-in. It also includes guidance on using new controls, and it presents the guidelines and recommended usage for the redesigned snap-in start pages, the results pane, and the new wizard navigation pane.

The guidelines also include information about the various screen areas at resolutions of 1024 × 768 or 800 × 600.

What's New

  • Architecting Management Tools
    • Architecting the Management User Experience
    • Making Hard Decisions about What to Include
    • Designing for Operations
  • Constructing Snap-ins
    • Mapping Feature Functionality to the User Experience.
  • Checklist of Architecting Guidelines
  • Best Practices: Monitoring
  • Best Practices: Reporting

New design elements

  • Actions pane
  • Description bar
  • Inline messages

What's Changed

  • Console sizing
  • Snap-in start pages
  • Visual design
  • Results pane wizards