List View Controls: UI Text GuidelinesĀ 

  • A list-view control displays objects in various views and levels of detail. Label every list-view control. Place the label above and flush-left with the control. If the user can manipulate the listed items in any way (including copying), the label takes an access key.
    Exceptions: List-view controls do not take a label when they:
    • Comprise a Windows Explorer window
    • Comprise the results pane in MMC
  • Place a colon (:) after the list-view control label.
  • Keep column heading text brief (one or two words). If you have a choice, use a single noun or noun phrase.
    Art Image
  • Use title caps in column headings.
  • Left-align column headings and the values underneath them.
    Exception: For columns of numerical values, right-align the heading and values.
  • Do not use ending punctuation on column headings.

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