BufferDescription.Mute3DAtMaximumDistance Property (Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound)

Specifies whether the sound is reduced to silence at the maximum distance.


Visual Basic Public Property Mute3DAtMaximumDistance As Boolean
C# public bool Mute3DAtMaximumDistance { get; set; }
C++ public:
property bool Mute3DAtMaximumDistance {
        bool get();
        void set(bool value);
JScript public function get Mute3DAtMaximumDistance() : boolean
public function set Mute3DAtMaximumDistance(boolean);

Property Value

This value is set to true to mute sound at the maximum distance; otherwise, false.

This property is read/write. 


The buffer will stop playing when the maximum distance is exceeded, so that processor time is not wasted. Applies only to software buffers.