PresentParameters.BackBufferFormat Property (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Retrieves or sets the format of the back buffer.


Visual Basic Public Property BackBufferFormat As Format
C# public Format BackBufferFormat { get; set; }
C++ public:
property Format BackBufferFormat {
        Format get();
        void set(Format value);
JScript public function get BackBufferFormat() : Format
public function set BackBufferFormat(Format);

Property Value

Back buffer Format.

This property is read/write. 


This value must be one of the render target formats as validated by Manager.CheckDeviceType. Use Device.DisplayMode to obtain the current format. For more information about formats, see Format.

While in windowed mode, Unknown can be specified for the BackBufferFormat. This tells the runtime to use the current display-mode format and eliminates the need to call Device.DisplayMode.

For windowed applications, the back buffer format does not need to match the display-mode format because color conversion can be done by the hardware (provided the hardware supports it). The set of possible back buffer formats is constrained, but the runtime allows any valid back buffer format to be presented to any desktop format. The device also must be operable in desktop mode, since devices typically do not operate in 8-bits-per-pixel modes.

Full-screen applications cannot perform color conversion.