AnimationController.KeyTrackSpeed(Int32,Single,Double,Double,TransitionType) Method (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Sets an event key that changes the local time of an animation track.


Visual Basic Public Function KeyTrackSpeed( _
    ByVal track As Integer, _
    ByVal newSpeed As Single, _
    ByVal startTime As Double, _
    ByVal duration As Double, _
    ByVal method As TransitionType _
) As Integer
C# public int KeyTrackSpeed(
    int track,
    float newSpeed,
    double startTime,
    double duration,
    TransitionType method
C++ public:
int KeyTrackSpeed(
    int track,
    float newSpeed,
    double startTime,
    double duration,
    TransitionType method
JScript public function KeyTrackSpeed(
    track : int,
    newSpeed : float,
    startTime : double,
    duration : double,
    method : TransitionType
) : int;


track System.Int32
Identifier of the track to modify.
newSpeed System.Single
New speed of the animation track.
startTime System.Double
Global time key that specifies the global time at which the change will occur.
duration System.Double
Transition time, which specifies how long the smooth transition will take to complete.
method Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.TransitionType
Transition type used for transitioning between speeds. For more information, see TransitionType.

Return Value

Event handle to the priority blend event. If one or more of the input parameters is invalid, or if no free event is available, a value of 0 is returned.