Quaternion.RotationAxis(Vector3,Single) Method (Microsoft.DirectX)

Builds a quaternion that is rotated around an arbitrary axis.


Visual Basic Public Shared Function RotationAxis( _
    ByVal v As Vector3, _
    ByVal angle As Single _
) As Quaternion
C# public static Quaternion RotationAxis(
    Vector3 v,
    float angle
C++ public:
static Quaternion RotationAxis(
    Vector3 v,
    float angle
JScript public static function RotationAxis(
    v : Vector3,
    angle : float
) : Quaternion;


v Microsoft.DirectX.Vector3
A Vector3 structure that identifies the axis about which to rotate the quaternion.
angle System.Single
Angle of rotation, in radians. Angles are measured clockwise when looking along the rotation axis toward the origin.

Return Value

A Quaternion structure that is rotated around the specified axis.

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