ICluster Properties

Public Properties

  Name Description
public property ClusterCounter
Retrieves counter information for the cluster, such as the number of jobs that are running or that have finished.
public property ComputeNodes
Retrieves the list of compute nodes in a cluster.
public property EnvironmentVariables
Retrieves the cluster-wide environment variables. The variables are available to all tasks on all nodes.
public property ErrorMessage
Retrieves a description of the error that occurred when a method of the ICluster interface failed.
public property IsAsynchronous
Determines whether calls to the server are executed asynchronously.
public property Name
Retrieves the display name of the cluster.
public property Parameters
Retrieves the cluster's configuration parameters.
public property Timeout
Retrieves or sets the maximum time that the application will wait for a response from the cluster when making synchronous calls.

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