Address.AddComponent Method ()

Warning: This method is deprecated. Deprecated components of Microsoft DirectX 9.0 for Managed Code are considered obsolete. While these components are still supported in this release of DirectX 9.0 for Managed Code, they may be removed in the future. When writing new applications, you should avoid using these deprecated components. When modifying existing applications, you are strongly encouraged to remove any dependency on these components.

Adds a component to the address. If the component is part of the address, it is replaced by the new value in this call.Values are specified in native formats when making this call. Therefore, the parameter should be a recast reference to a variable that holds the data in the native format. For example, if the component is a , the parameter should be a recast reference to a . This method validates that the predefined component types are the right format. Deprecated.

Overload List

public void AddComponent(string, byte[]);
public void AddComponent(string, Guid);
public void AddComponent(string, int);
public void AddComponent(string, string);