Volume.UnmanagedComPointer Property (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Returns the unmanaged Component Object Model (COM) IDirect3DVolume9 interface pointer.


Visual Basic Public ReadOnly Property UnmanagedComPointer As IDirect3DVolume9
C# public IDirect3DVolume9 UnmanagedComPointer { get; }
C++ public:
property IDirect3DVolume9 UnmanagedComPointer {
        IDirect3DVolume9 get();
JScript public function get UnmanagedComPointer() : IDirect3DVolume9

Property Value

Unmanaged IDirect3DVolume9 interface pointer.

This property is read-only. 


The Microsoft.DirectX.PrivateImplementationDetails namespace contains structures and interfaces that allow the managed application programming interface (API) to have access to the unmanaged portions of the Microsoft DirectX API. These structures and interfaces are not intended to be used directly from your code.