Direct3DXException.GetExceptionFromResultInternal(Int32) Method (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Retrieves an ExceptionLeave Site object that represents the result code passed in.


Visual Basic Public Shadows Shared Function GetExceptionFromResultInternal( _
    ByVal resultCode As Integer _
) As ExceptionLeave Site
C# public new static ExceptionLeave Site GetExceptionFromResultInternal(
    int resultCode
C++ public:
static ExceptionLeave SiteGetExceptionFromResultInternal(
    int resultCode
JScript public hide static function GetExceptionFromResultInternal(
    resultCode : int
) : ExceptionLeave Site;


resultCode System.Int32
Integer that represents the result code of the exception.

Return Value

An ExceptionLeave Site object that represents the error that occurred.

Applies To

CannotAttributeSortException, CannotModifyIndexBufferException, DuplicateNamedFragmentException, InvalidDataException, InvalidMeshException, LoadedMeshHasNoDataException, SkinningNotSupportedException, TooManyInfluencesException