Device.TextureState Property (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Retrieves a state value for an assigned texture.


Visual Basic Public ReadOnly Property TextureState As TextureStateManagerCollection
C# public TextureStateManagerCollection TextureState { get; }
C++ public:
property TextureStateManagerCollection^ TextureState {
        TextureStateManagerCollection^ get();
JScript public function get TextureState() : TextureStateManagerCollection

Property Value

Returns a TextureStateManagerCollection object that contains the device's texture states. To retrieve the TextureStateManager object that contains the actual texture states for the device, use the TextureStateManagerCollection.TextureState property.

This property is read-only. 


This method returns the last texture state that was set for the device, or the default device texture state, if not previously set, for a device created using CreateFlags.PureDevice.



Occurs if the method call is invalid. For example, a parameter might contain an invalid value.