WSUS XML Schema Reference


Applies To: Windows Server Update Services

The following table lists XML schemas used by the WSUS Client Servicing API. For more information about a schema, click the name of the schema.


These schemas may change in future versions of WSUS.

Schema Description
BaseTypes Schema Base types used in the other schemas.
BaseApplicabilityRules Schema The properties of the 20 built-in rules.
CommandLineInstallation Schema The installation properties for an EXE type update.
LogicalApplicabilityRules Schema The rules for “true”, “false”, “and”, “or”, and “not”.
MsiApplicabilityRules Schema The applicability rules for an Windows Installer update.
PatchApplicability Schema The applicability rules for an MSP update.
WindowsInstaller Schema Installation properties of updates that are Windows Installer Patches.
CSAPI Update Schema Includes types referenced from other schemas.