IClusterNodeUpdater.InstallAsync Method (IInstallCallback)


Starts a task that will install any applicable updates.

Namespace:   Microsoft.ClusterAwareUpdating
Assembly:  ClusterAwareUpdating (in ClusterAwareUpdating.dll)


Task InstallAsync(
    IInstallCallback installCallback
Task^ InstallAsync(
    IInstallCallback^ installCallback
abstract InstallAsync : 
        installCallback:IInstallCallback -> Task
Function InstallAsync (
    installCallback As IInstallCallback
) As Task


  • installCallback
    Type: Microsoft.ClusterAwareUpdating.IInstallCallback

    An interface that allows the plugin to report the progress of the install operation and any updates that are installed. The callback methods are thread safe and can be called from any thread.

Return Value

Type: System.Threading.Tasks.Task

Returns a Task containing a task object that can be used to track the install operation. The task should already be running.


The install operation should be run on the node specified in the call to CreateUpdater. Similarly, the System.Threading.CancellationToken passed to CreateUpdater will be used to signal cancellation.

The target node will be in Node Maintenance mode at the time this method is called.

This task does not need to handle rebooting and re-scanning for any dependent updates, like second-order and third-order updates. If any UpdateInstallResult objects reported to IInstallCallback indicate that a reboot is necessary, the CAU tool reboots the node as necessary and will re-scan, stage, and install until no more updates are found.

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