New RSS Features for Internet Explorer 8

New RSS Features for Internet Explorer 8 New for Windows Internet Explorer 8

The Windows RSS Platform was updated for Internet Explorer 8. This page provides a brief overview of new features.


Authenticated Web Slices

This topic covers the security model of Web Slices and includes samples of authenticated scenarios in ASP.NET.

New Features

  • Authenticated Feeds 
  • Effective ID 

Authenticated Feeds

In Internet Explorer 8, the Windows RSS Platform can now perform authentication without user interaction. Username and password can be set in the Properties dialog box of the feed.

The following authentication methods are now supported in addition to NTLM and Kerberos:

  • HTTP Authentication: BASIC authentication over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and DIGEST protocols.
  • Cookies: Cookie-based authorization requires the user to navigate to the Web site to get a cookie first, and again each time the cookie expires.

When the Windows RSS Platform makes the HTTP request to download a feed, the server might respond with an HTTP 401 code to indicate both that authentication is required and which authentication schemes are supported. The Windows RSS Platform will then make another request with the appropriate authentication protocol. If authentication fails again, the download is interrupted and an error is returned.

Effective ID

The Windows RSS Platform uses a hash algorithm to produce a unique ID that can be used to identify feed items. Ultimately, the same item will have the same key even when downloaded to two different computers. This EffectiveId can be used to synchronize an item's read and unread state between computers, or to compare items from the Common Feed List with those in other feed storage mechanisms.

The following properties and methods are new for Internet Explorer 8.



Clears the user name and password used to authenticate the feed.


Retrieves the effective ID for this item.


Retrieves a feed item referenced by its effective ID.


Gets the most recent download time for all feed items.


Gets the password used to authenticate the feed.


Sets the user name and password used to authenticate the feed.


Retrieves the user name used to authenticate the feed.